The haunted house. by Natalie


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Many moons ago, there lived two small girls called Lizzie and Lily  who lived with there mum and dad. They both were twins and they never argued because these children were very special   twins because they were born different ways than very ordinary  people. One day, their mum warned them to not go by the haunted  house.

Five minutes  later, they arrived  at the haunted  house. Lizzie and Lily suddenly heard a noise then they saw something go passed them fast. Suddenly, they heard a noise CCCCCRRRRRAAAAAKKKKK they felt a shiver running down there spines they felt very terrified then in a fast movement  they turned around and saw a rattling  in a bosh.


Ten minutes  later, they heard the windows breaking the lights turned on the plants blowing they heard another CCRRAAKKKKKKKK and another window cracking  then in amazement the steps broke they held hands. Then the door opened.


They new they wasn’t going to be alive tomorrow  what will happen next…………………….

The haunted house by kacey


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Rosie looked around she was petrified jims heart was pounding like a base drum. Scared, Rosie and Jim screamed as they looked at the blood on the cracked walls. Rosie looked around she hear some thing from up stairs they both made there way up. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Rosie screamed she saw a shadow from the top of the stairs she walked up she was so so scared. When she got up stairs she walked into one of the bedrooms and she saw a little, short woman in the corner of the room. What was she going to do to me?

A few days in the life of a Tudor sailor ! By Evie.


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Day 1: Just as I woke up an odd man came running through the streets “come and join me on the Matthew” he was shouting. Was I going to miss my chance? No I was not!
I helped load the ship with salt meat, sea biscuits, water and beer, it all looked disgusting!
Then we sailed away, heading for Asia.
Day 5: We have already lost 1 man overboard and several have seasickness. Today I saw some sharks circling the ship and it looks like there is a storm brewing on the horizon.

A Tudor Sailers Dairy by FrAnK


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DAy 30, June 11th 1539


I woke up to the sound of THUNDERING, CRASHING waves hitting against the Matthew! Unfortunately, we needed to scrub the deck in this horrible weather! I was looking forward to exploring new islands and discovering exotic foods but maybe today wasn’t the day


We were not looking forward to our food, which had maggots inside! We had to drink yellow water but we needed to make it last a long time! If we don’t eat this, we will die of starvation. Some sailor’s have died because of scurvy and diseases. I hope we find land soon for food because i’m not sure how long we can survive, therefore i don’t think we are going to survive!


While I was on the deck, scrubbing, I suddenly  heard a splash. I looked over the side of the boat to find what had happened. There i saw my shipmate had fallen over the side. So, then I shouted “man over board”. Quickly lots of the other sailors gathered around me, shouting “whats happened? What’s happened?” I decided to throw him a rope to grab on, frantically he grabbed the rope, we all pulled together and we finally got him back on board. His name was Jimmy, after that Jimmy and i became very good friends.


Today was a very scary and dangerous day, but we made it. I wonder what will happen tomorrow…

The majestic monkey for sale. by Natalie


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A tudor sailers diary by JoeT


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Day 1

I was feeling very exited because I have never been on a adventure befor!We are going to discover new land and it is going to be awsome! Ihelped to load the ship with a man called John Cabot.We put our food in barrels and some of the food we took was ship biscuits, salted meat , water and beer.

Day 5

I’ve  been feeling like I am going to puke!  Lots of my friends are feeling sick aswell. I think it is because of the waves. I hope I will feel better soon.

Day 8

I feel exhausted! Today I have scrubbed the decks,  repaired the rigging and tarred the ship to stop water getting in.  Tomorrow I will be in the crow’s nest looking out for baddies.

Day 29

Our water has gone horrid and yellow and we can’t drink it because it’s making us ill.  The only thing we have left is beer.

Day 69

Our food has gone mouldy and rats have been eating it! The only thing we have left are the ships biscuits but they are full of bugs. But we are so hungry we are forced to eat them including the bugs.

Day 99

Today something incredible happened! We saw a monstrous fish and John Cabot said, ” We should name it the great blue whale.”  Some of the sailors think there might be mermaids around these waters!

Day 168

Sadly, my friend died of scurvy.  Firstly his body had blisters and he was screaming ,”Aaagh!” Secondly his gums were bleeding in pain.  Some of the crew also have it.  The ships doctor tried his best but he could do nothing. 


Day 234

Unfortunately we are running out of food. I hope we get to the new world soon.  If I ever get back home I will ask my mum to make me one of her delectable homemade pork pies.

Day 279

Unexpectedly as I was sitting in the crows nest, I saw land! I cheered to my crew mates, “LAND AHOY!  LAND AHOY!” I started quivering with excitement..  I can’t wait to find all the treasure that will be there.

Rhymes by Louis.


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London  is  don don . Jaws got paws. Rooney is gloomly . A shark don’t  bark.  A house is bigger than a  mouse  . Glass is not a class. If your  four you are not poor . If you throw you will not  grow.  Sharp is

The dragon of lonley island


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Once upon a time, there was some children called Mallia, Catrina and Dina they lived with there mom and dad they were all sisters and loved each other much mallia was the biggest sister then catrina and finally Dina, who was the smallest, also, there gran and grandad lived on a lonley island they did’nt live in a house they actually lived in a apartment surprisingly!…….

tudor sailors by hiba


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dear dairy,
Its another horrible day of disasters for us sailors to bare with( unfortunately )Today we had to eat sea biscuits the usual so its nothing new, which had BUGS  ,that made taste even worse than it already was ( YUK ) and worst of all we had to drink YELLOW water that was FAKE then also that made us get a horrible desease called scurvy
There are several jobs on a Tudor ship but the worst one is probably the look outs because the wind is SO well windy and the beam keeps falling and the look outs fall into the water, which can some times be shark infested,yet some have make a VERY slim escape and the other jobs are a cook,captain,staff captain,1st officer,2nd officer,3rd officer,saftey officer and security officer i for 1 am CAPTAIN!
But what were mostly doing is WORKING which is SO BORING
but i for 1 rather DIE
                                                                                                                                                        P.S.      lets just hope i survive tomorrow but i’m still ok with dying 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             by hiba

Cracking Crocodiles for Sale by JoeT


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 Secondly, a crocodile is the greatest pet because they are amazing to look at!  They have scale,spiny and lumpy backs but beware they have enormous,sharp and pointy teeth!  There claws are sickle-shaped,huge and mighty! They can cut bread easily so they can help you in the kitchen.   

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